21-Sep Friday fail

Of course this week's fail is failing to update the blog with any Friday fails for weeks!

But I have more!
I've been creating a scary Halloween prop using the Pimoroni pan-tilt hat and an RGB LED from Kitronik

It was working on Monday but on Tuesday nothing was running. I took the SD card out and tried another one and still nothing. I went through so many different scenarios that I ended up just going in circles
Try SD card 1 with power source 1
Try SD card 2 with power source 1
Try SD card 1 with power source 2
Try SD card 1 with power source 2
Try Pi 2 with SD card 1 with power source 1

It was driving me mad!! But it's worth checking every scenario. The original SD card was corrupt. The second SD card was one I had in a drawer... I hadn't checked it was working before putting it in my test loop. So it was the SD card that was the problem, not the pi, not the power source.

Lesson learnt: If you're going to replace a piece of hardware make sure what you're replacing it with something that works!!
I'm going to have a working pi with a working power source and a working SD card on standby. These are my solid: "THIS WORKS" components.

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