6-Dec Friday Fail: Live on camera!

6-Dec Friday Fail: Live on camera!

For @AaronMaurerEdu #25DaysOfMaking I made a blog post about connecting the micro:bit to programmable light strips.

I had two different types of light strips that were both WS2812b but were behaving in different ways. One light strip happily ran off 3xAAA battery pack. The other wouldn't at all. It was very frustrating! For my video for the blog post I used a 2xAAA battery pack just so it would reliably work for me and everyone following my tutorial.

That evening I had a lot of fails so when it came to recording the videos I was filling quite stressed! The first one went really well.

The second video was connecting the micoro:bit and turning the lights on. Even before it fails you can tell how nervous I am as I cross my fingers before I flip the switch... then it doesn't work!! But I stay calm and continue filming while I find the bug (I had connected Ground to 5V) In these videos I would normally stop recording and start again. But it was late, I was tired and you know - it's good to see people fail, even in a tutorial video. I'm going to try and keep my fails from now on.

The moment it doesn't work!

The whole video

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