Code Club Week 4

For this week's Code Club I wanted to firm up some of the things they've learnt so far while still keeping it fun.
I created a micro:bit dice and a counter.

What went well

Playing outside! Last week I tried to play a game where they threw a ball around to describe what a variable is and how you can use it to keep score. They were just a little bit too silly to take it seriously. This week I went with silly. There's a clock painted on the ground so we all stood on a number and the kids on numbers 1 to 6 picked a dance move. I shook a micro:bit that I had coded as a dice and whatever number came up we had to do that dance move. It was lots of fun! Then I had a second program which was just a timer. They had to run around the playground as many times as possible in 5 seconds. They loved it. They really did!

We went inside and then they chose which project to code. I had notes, they followed them really well.

This was my most successful Code Club session to date

What didn't go well

I gave out lots of stickers this week to decorate folders. Some of them spent most of the session on decorating! But everyone did get one program coded.
Perhaps I should give them stickers and their folders to take home and decorate. That way, they might try coding at home!

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