8-Nov Friday Fail: The Classics

Ah yes, the classic fail. You've done it before, it caused you lots of frustration and now... you've done it again.

In my case it's the Raspberry Pi Zero v the Raspberry Pi Zero W. One was WiFI built in, the other doesn't.

I setup a new SD card, added the SSH file, the wpa file following my OWN instructions

And nothing. It wasn't appearing in the list of devices connected to my network. I thought my battery was low so connected the cable (after digging it out). I thought the network was slow so restarted that. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. I was contemplating plugging a screen in when the hubster asked the very obvious question: Is that a Pi Zero W?


Wasted a good hour on this. But you know, it happens. If you don't laugh and move along just cry... and move along.

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