1-Feb Friday Fail

Happy February! It's official, you're not allowed to say Happy New Year anymore.
Though it has been a while since I posted a Friday Fail.

This week I'm applying for a job. This is the second time this job has been advertised and I didn't apply for it the first time. I was worried that I wasn't qualified for the job. It involved teaching undergraduates and I just kept thinking about how I bombed out of trying to teach A-Level. Why would I put myself through that again?? I'd be right back in front of my doctor sobbing and she'd be like "Why Lorraine? WHY?!?"

But I feel... stronger. I don't go for the whole cheesy, shouting from the rooftops "I'm a strong confident woman" cause fuck it: sometimes I am, you know it, I know it, we don't have to tell each other. But I do. I feel stronger. I feel more confident. I've also seen the future content on this undergraduate teaching job and I know it. I know I know it. I feel confident that I can teach this content without doubting myself, second guessing myself and being totally unable to answer extension questions (just like May 2018). It's also a very different style of teaching. It's a teaching assistant role, and it's studio style labs. It's also blended learning, lots of online content and tutorials. They're talking about making videos of content and are already looking at me for advice. I want to be involved. I'm excited to be involved.

I just need to apply, go through the torture of being interviewed by own team and kick ass.

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