PiWars update: the grabber

PiWars update: the grabber

There has been LOTS of progress since the last blog post. I went away for a week and Phil had the week off work, so he did lots of work on the robot. I'll blog about them all in different posts as there's too much to mention in one post!

Today's post is about the grabber. This is for the Eco Disaster challenge https://piwars.org/2020-competition/challenges/eco-disaster/

We've laser cut the grabber's parts using plywood but the final design will be in clear acrylic. I thought it's easier to photograph plywood to show all the moving parts!

The servo is connected to one of the cogs and the cogs all turn each other and the arms; they move in synchrony. The cogs at the bottom probably aren't necessary but look cool!

Here it is working manually!

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