Virtual PiWars 2020

Virtual PiWars 2020

I won't mention the C word... but PiWars 2020 was postponed :( :( and Virtual PiWars was born!

We had to make a 5 minute video of our robot for the competition. The organisers then asked us for a longer 10 minute video of our simulator cause it so cool!

The stream was over 5 hours long so here are some quick links that jump to our parts. Here's our 5 minute entry

Here's the 10 minute video going deeper into our simulator

and here's the live Q&A we did after our 10 minute video.

And the results are in!
We came 6th overall! We are very happy with that!! Thanks to everyone who watched us stumble and swear into our first entry into the world of piwars :)

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