New Look Rainbow Pastel Stripe Glitter Cat Ears Pimped out

New Look Rainbow Pastel Stripe Glitter Cat Ears Pimped out

Well there's a title I never thought I'd write.

Here's a quick hack on how to improve your Rainbow pastel stripe glitter cat ears. I got mine from New Look:

These are great cause their rainbow and metallic so flashing lights really look great bouncing off it. They're perfect for concerts, parades, Tuesdays; any day you want to stand out from the crowd.

I added a small flashing lgiht to the front of each ear. A 3mm one of these:
using a CR2032 battery which you can easily buy in poundland

WARNING: The CR2032 battery is small and round and VERY swallowable. Keep away from children and pets. If swallowed, seek urgent medical advice.

The headband before lights.

The LED has 2 legs. They do bend but try to be gentle with them.

Bend the LED's legs around the bottom of an ear. I managed to get the LED in place without needing any tape which makes the ears look great from the front.

Stick some double sided sticky tape or foam to the back of the ear. I used foam. Place one leg on the foam.

Put the battery on the leg and place the other leg on top. The LED is straddling the battery. If the light doesn't turn on, flip the battery. The long leg goes on the positive side of the battery but this is quite difficult to tell once you start bending legs. It's 50/50 whether you've got the battery the right way round. You might have to push the legs onto the battery to get it to work.

With the battery in place, tape the second leg onto the battery and onto the back of the ear to secure.

The battery will last a long time, how long? Who knows?! Ok, someone knows but it's not me. Days is the answer.

Enjoy your amazing flashing Rainbow Pastel Stripe Glitter Cat Ears!