Backstage at Pimoroni

Backstage at Pimoroni

On 18th/19th July I was in Pimoroni's HQ in Sheffield-on-Sea working with Helen Leigh on teaching resources for her minimu glove.

Pimoroni have two building and I was too awestruck/forgetful to take any pictures of the other building! So here are some snaps from building 1, where all the making happens... they need cooler names for their buildings!

Super cool awesome fricken laser machines

Laser food

Some other machines

We had to move the cube from one room to another while it was stil assembled, which was terrifying!

Bilge Tank! This is what it looks like sitting in the hot seat

From the side

I had an awesome couple of days at Pimoroni. Thanks to Helen Leigh for inviting me and Paul, Sandy, Phil and Tanya for making me feel so welcome. Same time, next week guys??